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Bel Canto Reviews


Analysis Plus Hi Fi Cable Reviews Analysis Plus Pro Cable Reviews

Bel Canto Reviews

Ref600M's review in Soundstage!Hi-Fi.com

Please click on the link below and then scroll down for a great review of the new Rwf600M's.

SoundStage! Hi-Fi | SoundStageHiFi.com - Bel Canto Design e.One REF600M Mono Amplifiers


uLink USB to S/PDIF Convertor Review

Please click on the link below for a Computer Audiophile review of the Bel Canto uLink and a video of John Stronczer explaining all about the range of Bel Canto Links, the differences between them and why you shuld use one.

uLink review


ref 1000



Analysis Plus Reviews

Digital Oval interconnect

"I heard more silence. (Yeah, you can hear silence.)  I heard improved dynamics, more low-level detail.  I experienced a greater sence of listening ease..."

"The Analysis Plus Digital Oval becomes my reference".   Click here to read this review...


Sam Tellig, Stereophile October 08

analysis plus

Black Oval 9 loudspeaker cables

“What I can tell you is that the Black Oval speaker cable sounds much better than the original Oval 9, and the new Mocro Copper Oval –In comes close to the performance of the revered Solo Crystal Oval Interconnect.  Not only are these new products from Analysis Plus wonderful cables, they also represent excellent value.”  Click here to read this review...

Roger Kanno  

analysis plus

Big Silver Loudspeaker cables

“If you are already a fan (like me) of Analysis Plus speaker cables, particularly their venerable and affordable Oval Nine series, then you may wish to find a new home for those Oval Nines, save money in your audio stash account and audition a pair of the new Big Silver Ovals in your system.” Click here to read this review...

Nelson Brill

analysis plus

“Ignorance in audio is exceeded only by our collective willingness to embrace and foster it. If someone ever came out with a book of audio aphorisms, this would have to make the opening chapter.” Click here to read this review...

Srajan Ebaen



Golden Oval Loudspeaker cables

“As compared to everything else I've auditioned, I ultimately preferred the more natural performance of the Analysis Plus Golden Oval overall.

Some Things You Simply Cannot Explain.”Click here to read this review...

Clement Perry





Guitar and Pro Cable Reviews


Yellow Flex Oval Pro cable and iPod cable review from POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLINE

Click above for full review


analysis plus

Power Cable review from Audio Media September 2008

Click above for full review


analysis plus

Bass Oval and Yellow Oval review from Bass Player October 2008 (Bass Player Editors Award)

Click above for full review

analysis plus


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